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While this blog often highlights the wonders of the Upper West Side, our staff–New Yorkers all–would be amiss not to wander with you through a neighborhood that perhaps most represents the rich immigrant beginnings of this important corner in American  History. Streets and alleys filled with vendors and thick horse manure, rampant diseases, racial and ethnic books, violent movies, musical films, theatre and poetry. Families grew, worked and died in horrid conditions–BUT–they always had and kept dreams. And in many, many languages. They enlisted and died in America’s wars. BUT–they pasted together their talents and dreamed…and New York City and America were officially created and on its way as we know it now.

The 21st century is the palette on which a now totally diverse inner city shines.  Yes–it’s clean! The deadly years of drugs and their street wars, garbage and rotting buildings, are portrayed in books and films.  The average age has dropped almost unbelievably, and the prosperity level has risen and doesn’t stop. Ethnic landmarks of trade and social activities still exist, but just barely.  But their history has been saved and made available for us. Many history and guidebooks can help the visitor be prepared and enlightened in advance. Find what strikes your fancy and your mind in advance so you become part of the changes…and love it!  Book a walking tour with an expert!

See Off-Broadway theatre and the newest international films…and dine on food from every province in China or Italy or Poland. Ethnic small museums bring it all to life, and very new contemporary galleries and museums show what our Great Uptown Museums do not.  Trendy $$$ boutiques still are neighbors to old, kind of crumbly shops with underwear or competitors to Harlem’s sleek styles. Fabrics for home and wardrobe, trendy jewelry. Gelato or falafel,  4*** tasting menus, dim sum, NY pizza, cannoli–the foods of your country or region…and ours. Oh, and you can stay out very, very late here…but treat yourself to a taxi back to the Upper West Side…and Park 79 Hotel.

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The Lower East Side (often abbreviated to LES) is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of  Manhattan. It is roughly bounded by the Bowery to the west, East Houston Street to the north, the East River to the east, Canal Street to the south. The western boundary below Grand Street veers west off of the Bowery to approximately Essex Street.

It was traditionally an immigrant, working-class neighborhood. It has undergone rapid gentrification starting in the mid-2000s, prompting The National Trust for Historic Preservation to place the neighborhood on their list of America’s Most Endangered Places.[2][3] It has become a home to upscale boutiques and trendy dining establishments along Clinton Street’s restaurant row.